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28 Sept 2019 - Congress of Otology 2019

The congress, which took place in Poznań at the Novotel Centrum hotel, consisted of three events.
The first one was the Xth Forum of Hearing Implants with the participation of foreign guests with number of presentations and two important panels showing experiences from 6 Polish centers dealing with cochlear implants. Additionally, there were workshops with speech therapists and acousticians.
Subsequently, the Congress Otology 2019 took place with the participation of famous guests from 7 countries who presented the current state of knowledge in the most important fields of otology, e.g. cholesteatoma, cochlear implants, Meniere's disease, vestibular schwannoma, pathology of the eustachian tube, a new look at vertigo or intervention radiology. It was a real 6-hour lasting otological day, combined with discussions and exchange of experiences. Participants were very interested in this session and emphasized that they had acquired knowledge difficult to read in publications or without participation in congresses with high fee. Four very interesting panels were also held, as well as numerous lectures and free papers. All sessions were interactive with the use of mobile phones.
Simultaneously, the 5th Conference on Newborn Hearing Screening took place with the participation of neonatologists - the summary the program of hearing screening for newborns in Poland. To date, 6.2 million babies have already been tested, which is an incredible achievement across Europe. Over 4,000 performers from various medical and pedagogical professions participate in the program. It is constantly run by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity foundation with the extraordinary involvement of Jurek Owsiak.
A meeting of the Main Board of the Polish Society of Otorhinolaryngologists Head and Neck Surgeons was held together with the Council of Managers of University ENT Clinics. Members of the Society's Neurootology Section also met.
In total over 400 people participated in the Congress.

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