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Head and Neck Surgery
Poznan University of Medical Sciences
Przybyszewskiego Street 49, 60-355 Poznań, Poland
27th Nov 2019 - 5th European LIVE Surgery Session - ELS LIVE

The 5th European LIVE Surgery Session (ELS LIVE) took place last days, which was attended by 12 European centers, including Poznań, presenting 22 surgeries of the larynx, pharynx, and neck pathology. Most of the procedures concerned the treatment of laryngeal cancer, mainly endoscopically with a CO2 laser and using a surgical robot. Also, two surgeries involved the removal of metastatic lymph nodes of the neck in the course of laryngeal and pharyngeal cancer. The second large group of procedures consisted of the treatment of laryngeal papillomatosis as well as precancerous conditions in the larynx. Other operations were: phonosurgery in spastic dystonia, Reinke's edema, and laryngeal cysts. The Poznań Department presented three operations of the laryngeal cancer at various TNM stages, all treated with CO2 laser endoscopy.
All surgeries were coordinated from the studio in Poznań located in the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, which is the main co-organizer of this event. This studio has been modernized lately, with three rows of monitors, sound mixers, under supervision of a group of several IT specialists. 6 moderators from different countries commented on the surgery by asking questions to the operating surgeons.
This year's audience is about 35,000 doctors from all continents and from many countries. We are waiting for the exact statistics of the event.
Participants could ask questions to moderators via chat, and we have received 34 such comments and questions from the most remote parts of the world.
After all surgeries, there was a discussion on more general questions with the participation of moderators and surgeons.
The session ended at around 4 p.m.
As always, all session materials will be on the els.livesurgery.net website.

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