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Head and Neck Surgery
Poznan University of Medical Sciences
Przybyszewskiego Street 49, 60-355 PoznaƄ, Poland
- Our clinic during the epidemic

We work in epidemic mode, which means we are on duty non-stop for all emergencies. If necessary, we naturally operate, e.g. tracheotomy, esophagoscopy, sinus and ear derived complications , injuries, bleedings, etc.
Our team is divided into two groups to provide surgical treatment of neoplasms of the head and neck. All admitted patients have detailed epidemiological interviews and temperature measurements before entering the emergency room.
We do not feel lack oncology, but patients to planned surgeries are not operated on, even they have been waiting for a long time. Unfortunately, they will have to wait - it is very sad. The outpatient clinic works only for oncological patients.
We want to help our patients all the time.
Students have classes on-line. We have prepared materials for each day of exercises, and scientific work is improving. Because there are no private practices. The Impact Factor will go up.

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