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2021 - 100-lecie Uniwersyteckiej Kliniki Laryngologicznej w Poznaniu
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Head and Neck Surgery
Poznan University of Medical Sciences
Przybyszewskiego Street 49, 60-355 PoznaƄ, Poland
19th Dec 2020 - Clinic before Christmas

Despite the approaching Christmas, despite the constantly raging plague in the Clinic, work is still at high speed. Endless numbers of patients waiting for surgical treatment - both with various cancers of the head and neck, requiring either the use of a laser or the removal of the tumor with free flaps reconstruction, in addition, otological patients with cholesteatoma, with complications of this inflammation. Not further than the day before yesterday, another ear-related cerebellar abscess. Another group of patients are various precancerous stages that cannot wait, tumors of the salivary glands flowing to us from various distant regions. The same applies to deaf patients with cochlear implantation or laryngotracheal stenosis. In addition, there are precautionary cases that also require urgent surgery.
A new issue is our participation in the 20-bed intensive care unit for patients with Covid-19, where we mainly perform tracheotomies (10 in total). The entire procedure requires us to properly dress and disinfect, which takes about 60 minutes.
We conduct online classes for students of our University, specialization courses for young doctors and active scientific activity, which can be seen in various magazines, as well as participate in national and international webinars.
We look forward to Christmas - a strange Christmas in a pandemic.

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