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2021 - 100-lecie Uniwersyteckiej Kliniki Laryngologicznej w Poznaniu
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Head and Neck Surgery
Poznan University of Medical Sciences
Przybyszewskiego Street 49, 60-355 Poznań, Poland
2nd Apr 2021 -

Yesterday, the work on the beautiful plaque was completed, which will be hung in the Department's hall to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its existence. It was made by a master of gilding - Mr. Remigiusz Korcz - a well-known Poznań conservator of sacred art and medieval monuments and icons.
An interesting fact - which we have prepared - is the "time capsule" hidden inside the board, in which they are placed: a message for future generations of the clinic's doctors and a pendrive with several dozen of photos of employees, as well as rooms, laboratories and the operating room. We wonder if someone will ever find these souvenirs and whether it will be possible to open an electronic medium. We are planning a ceremonial unveiling of the plaque in the fall months.

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